Welcome to Southern Downs ARK

We are an incorporated and registered not-for-profit charity dedicated to saving and improving the lives of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats on the southern Darling Downs of Queensland and beyond.

ARK is operated by volunteers, who give freely of their time and personal resources to support our work. We have no paid staff.

Our income is derived entirely from donations, grants, fundraising, and adoption and membership fees.

There are many ways you can help us to continue our work.

You can adopt, foster, volunteer and donate.  All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

You can also support the work of ARK by following us on social media and sharing our animal posts and pleas for assistance among your networks.

Whatever contribution you make, you’ll know you’ve helped vulnerable dogs and cats get a second chance at life.


Whenever there’s a market in or around Warwick, you’re likely to find us there.  We love to have the opportunity to showcase our beautiful dogs and cats, all available for adoption.

​Next market dates

to be advised

Would you like to be a foster carer?

If you live on the Southern Downs, have a secure, fully-fenced yard and would like to help save the lives of vulnerable cats and dogs, please contact us.   We cover all costs, including food.  You provide a safe and loving place for them to live while we find them a permanent home.

Recently Adopted

“ When you adopt a rescue pet, you save two lives – the one you adopt and the one that takes its place.”

Alfred A

Friends of ARK

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