Note: Southern Downs ARK Inc. does NOT operate a shelter.  All our rescued animals live in private foster homes so, unfortunately, space is limited. We do our best to assist, but there are times when we are unable to accept a surrender application.

Before giving up your pet, please consider that your dog or cat would much rather spend the rest of its life with you – its family – than with anyone else. Uprooting a dog or cat is very hard on the animal because it doesn’t understand why its family has gone away.

Unfortunately, there is NEVER a shortage of unwanted animals on the Darling Downs and our foster places are very limited, so we have to be selective. Our council pounds are overflowing with unwanted companion animals of all ages, sizes and breeds. This includes purebred pets. We give priority to animals that are in the pounds because they face euthanasia if not rescued or reclaimed. We accept owner surrenders only when space is available.

If we accept your unwanted pet, you lose all rights to the animal. You will not be able to visit, receive updates, or have any decision-making power in the pet’s future care and arrangements. If we agree to accept your pet into our surrender program, you must complete an Owner Surrender Form that severs all ties between you and your unwanted pet.

Your unwanted dog must be social and non-aggressive with people and other dogs. It would be nice if we had a magic wand to wave and make every dog non-aggressive. Unfortunately, no such wand exists, and sometimes bad genes, poor training, or lack of socialization combine to create an unpredictable dog that will bite.  Not all dogs that bite once are vicious, but please don’t endanger others by not taking responsibility for your own dog.

Similarly, we do not accept feral cats, but we may accept feral kittens if they are young enough to tame.

If you still want to find your dog or cat a new home, please complete the form below.

If your application is successful, please consider making a donation to ARK to assist with the costs of maintaining your dog or cat while it is in care awaiting rehoming.

Apply to Surrender Application