Even if you can’t adopt, you still can help, see below for all the great ways you can contribute!

1. Make a Goods Donation

We at ARK are desperately seeking any donation that will assist us with the care of the animals, some of the items that we are most in need of are:

  • Old Blankets/Towels/bedding
  • Cat Food – Dry and Wet
  • Dog Food – Wet preferred
  • Worming Tablets for Cats & Dogs
  • Flea Treatments for Cats & Dogs

All donations can be dropped into Total Dog Grooming at 32 Wood Street, Warwick

2. Make A Cash Donation

A large proportion of our animals come into our care with medical conditions that need ongoing veterinary care. Making a cashable donation to the ARK family helps us pay for the cost of the care that we give our animals. If you are wanting to support ARK with a donation please do so by donating using the following bank details:

Southern Downs ARK
BSB: 014735
Account: 218845188

We also attend the Uber Markets in Warwick once a month and have a donation tin available for anyone who would prefer to make a cash donation face to face.

3. Foster

ARK is always welcoming new fosters into our family and with your help we can continue to save the lives of these neglected animals.

If you are interested in being a foster carer please download the Foster Carer Form fill out and send back to our Administration. We will be in contact with you when an opportunity for you to foster becomes available.

Please note that ARK pays for all food and Vetenary costs for the animal whilst in your care.

4. Become a Member

Become a member of Southern Downs ARK and contribute your time to a worthy cause. We are always in need of new members with great ideas and innovations to support the important work that we are doing here at Southern Downs ARK. ​

If you believe that you have the ability to give ARK some of your valued time please have a look at our memeber ship form and send it to us to become a member of ARK

5. Spread the word

Even if you cant do any of the above yourself, you may know someone who would do a great job at volunteering, or might like donating to good cause. Word of the mouth is one of the best ways you can help us here at ARK.

Liking our facebook page also helps along with sharing requests for volunteers and commenting on our good news stories, each and every little bit counts and ARK needs you today so that we can continue the important work we do.